A record of our ancient Brochs, Hill-forts and Sculptured Stones of Scotland

Brochs, Forts and Stones studies: Sutherland Strath Naver

Achcoillenaborgie Broch

A poorly surviving site, often covered in bracken but handy for the roadside car park.

Allt an Duin Broch

The remains of a tower perched high above the floodplain of the River Naver with magnificent views westwards.

Coill' Ach A' Chuill

A severely robbed out site sitting in a spectacular setting with a nearby crannog.

Dun Carnachadh Broch

This is another well-plundered site with some of the wall courses still visible.

Dun Chealamy Broch

This broch has been severely robbed of material. Its site gives excellent views of central Strath Naver.

Dun Viden

A monumental pile of stones above a cleared village next to a burial cairn.

Grumore Broch

The broch is a stone pile standing on the shore of Loch Naver looking towards Ben Klibreck.

Inshlampie Broch

A large mound of stones at the end of a 3Km walk but with an interesting neighbourhood.

Langdale Broch

The broch sits perched high above the gulley of the Langdale burn, overlooking central Strath Naver.

The Sandy Dun

A site perched high above the Invernaver Reserve.