A record of our ancient Brochs, Hill-forts and Sculptured Stones of Scotland

Brochs, Forts and Stones studies: Caithness East Coast

Brounaban Broch

A low circular walled space explained by a plan from 1871.

Cairn of Elsay Broch

The broch overlooks the outer Moray Firth and is in a delapidated condition. The excavation in 1902 gives a clearer picture of the footprint.

Hillhead Broch

The broch is a low green mound with very little to show for an early 20th Century excavation.

Nybster Broch

The site fills a spectacular promontary overlooking the Moray Firth and is very complex.

Ousdale Broch

The broch stands high above the Ousdale Burn in a glen isolated between Sutherland and Caithness. This is a walk-in broch with a nearby depopulated site.

Whitegate Broch (Keiss)

Whitegate is a coastal site consisting of a broch surrounded on the east by a complex of structures.

Yarrows Broch

This water-logged broch stands low on the shoreline of the Loch of Yarrows known earlier as Yarhouse.