A record of our ancient Brochs, Hill-forts and Sculptured Stones of Scotland

The Borg site from road to NW.JPG
Album: Sutherland - Strath Halladale
Broch sites in Strath Halladale on the north coast of Sutherland

Localised regions

Carn Liath, Strath Halladale.

Carn Liath from W.JPG

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Loch Mor, Strath Halladale

Loch Mor site from E2.JPG

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The Borg, StrathHalladale.

The Borg site from S_1.JPG

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Trantlemor, Strath Halladale.

Site from WNW.JPG

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Upper Bighouse, Strath Halladale.

Upper Bighouse site from E.JPG

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